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Weird Video of the Week

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As we get closer to that wonderful day of Halloween, the excitement in the air is almost tangible! Anyone got big plans for it? I’m curious if any readers here do something out of the ordinary. Normally I enjoy a fairly quiet evening of candy and movies, then perform a Samhain ritual to honor the dead.

Sorry for the lack of Jeff updates recently, but to make up for it I’ll make the next extra long.

Anyway, this week’s video is a look into a funny character. Perhaps a little too funny… Enjoy!

Weird Video of the Week

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been going through some minor health problems lately, and unfortunately I’ll be going through surgery in the near future. Don’t worry though! I’ll still be here to bring you the creepy content you deserve.

If things go according to plan, I’ll be sharing with you all a video entry for a contest on Youtube! It’s going to be very special, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime let me share with you another video from my collection. Have a wonderful weekend.

/r/Creepy: My Personal Treasure Trove

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I must admit I’ve never been a frequent visitor of Reddit or any of it’s subsequent boards, but lately I’ve been following it with a passion. It’s so effective I sometimes have to take breaks in my browsing. Anyway, I thought I could share some of my favorite, recent discoveries in my exploration. Have fun!





Weird Video of the Week

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For this week, I’m sharing an intriguing little music video that offers quite a twist. It has a lot of views, it demands to be seen repeatedly. Enjoy!


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2: Time Kills

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You cannot believe how happy I am to know that they made a sequel to the original! I’m starting to hope that this spawns a series of some kind. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Much like the previous video, its meaning can be difficult to understand. Many theories abound already, but I’d like to throw in my own two cents into the discussion.

Does anyone else notice that mere objects are calling the shots in these videos?

Does anyone else notice that mere objects are calling the shots for living characters?

As with the first DHMIS video, this one also addresses themes of indoctrination of accepted ways of thinking. Instead of conventional ideas about creativity, it’s now all about time. The clock teaches the other characters what time is and how it’s used for organization and measurement, even when they object to the schedule he has set. He also appears to control their actions and won’t let them take part in activities that he perceives as wasteful.

Don’t ask me about the guy covered in slime and talking about batteries. I don’t get it either. The best I can come up with is that the harmful aspects of our history is generally swept under the rug when we teach kids history. If somebody else has a better idea, I encourage you to share.

As they all begin to talk about the future, the trio become aware of mortality by the death of an old man, but the clock quickly changes the subject to a more positive outlook about modern technology. So often our society discourages the contemplation of serious subjects like death in favor of focusing on minor distractions like material goods.

The fish in the next part shows how time can be repetitive. The schedules that we make for ourselves repeat over and over. Eventually one part of our day can feel much like another if it’s repeated enough.

Astute viewers may notice at 2:40 the display the duck is pointing to has Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence formula, but instead of energy, it equals a swastika. It’s a striking juxtaposition; a mathematical formula from a scientist with a Jewish background inexplicably calculating to a symbol of the Nazi regime. It’s something that  I can’t help but compare it to the 2+2=5 equation from 1984.

Obviously the clock isn’t too happy that the other characters are discussing and debating the entire concept of time, questioning if it even exists or perhaps a creation of humans. He wants them to think that it’s an important tool and respect him as well. Their ideas aren’t what he wants from them. Drowning out the conversation until one’s ears bleed is definitely one way to prevent a group from thinking!

The clock punishes them further by making time pass quickly, horribly aging them and making them start to rot. The clock stands by looking angrily at them as they beg him to make this torture stop. He will make these character respect him through the power that he has over their lives.

The final scene reveals all that has happened is the only the show they were waiting for in the beginning. Events have come full circle, but even though the characters are back at the beginning, distinct marks have been left behind. Colors are quite dull in the final shot, there’s an eyeball on the floor, and a picture on the wall has changed to ‘nothing’: the clock’s idea of the future. This represents how the characters have now accepted the conventional idea of time; to schedule repeating patterns and focus on unimportant moments rather than bigger issues, making their colorful lives duller. The eye on the floor is a sign that they have become distinctly aware of their mortality and eventually they will run out of the time and die.

I’d love to hear what other people have to say about this video! Feel free to comment.

The Demon’s Day: Destruction Ice Part 3

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For a few short moments Eva reeled from the shock and pain of being buried under a pile of brick and rubble. She could barely breathe with the weight coming down on her, not to mention all the dust in the air. Fortunately, she could still move her arms enough to start pushing the debris off. Coughing the entire time, she slowly managed to climb out of the pile and get back on her feet.

“Shall we continue, Miss Eva?” asked Anubis as she dusted off her pants.

The jackal sat patiently not more than five feet away from her. He hadn’t even shifted his position, and yet there was not so much as a speck of dust on him. He barely seemed to have batted an eye.

“Give me a minute, a wall just fucking fell on top of me! Oh – and I’m fine by the way,” she coughed bitterly. “Asshole.”

Anubis shrugged and looked off down the revealed path. It was dark and difficult to tell what was over there, and Eva could only make out that it had changed from an alley to a long hallway.

“What the hell just happened?” Eva asked.

“A simple hint into your inner issues,” Anubis explained. “It means we are making progress. If your heart stagnated and refused to change, you wouldn’t be able to leave. As long as we can keep moving we will be fine.”

“Are you serious?” Eva cried, “That nearly killed both of us!”

Anubis chuckled. “You nor I can die here, remember?”

“Right…” she said, remembering her arrival to this world. She sighed. “Let’s just get going.”

Eva made her way through the darkened hallway with Anubis just behind her. She had to move slowly for fear of the hazards that may lie ahead. For all she knew, there could be a bottomless pit just inches away from her.

“Any chance you know of a way to brighten this place up, Anubis?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not,” he replied. “You needn’t worry; this place will reveal itself to us shortly.”

“Of course,” Eva said, looking for any trace of light. There was nothing but pitch-black darkness as far as she could tell. There was not even any light emanating from the way they had come. She wondered if the path behind them had closed somehow.

Thinking it was useless to wander around in the dark and worried they could be trapped again, Eva was about to turn around when with a subtle hum, lights flickered on above their heads. The fluorescent bulbs began to let off a steady glow, and Eva immediately recognized the type of building that she and her companion had wandered into.

The long, wide hallway had many doors on either side. Art and posters that adorned the walls were of cartoonish characters encouraging their viewers to read and study. Little coats and backpacks were lined up along the walls on hooks. There were even some display cases that held simple projects, pictures, awards that very clearly belonged to children,

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Eva cried. “We’re in a school? Seriously? I thought Hell was supposed to be creative.”

“Whatever do you mean?” Anubis asked.

Eva let out a frustrated groan. “It’s too damn obvious! Anyone who has known me for half a second knows that I fucking hate them! Stick me in a school for all eternity, it’s guaranteed to make me miserable.”

“That certainly does not surprise me.” Anubis said with a sly grin. “Such a dim individual could never find a place like this enlightening.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” Eva said, staring daggers at her companion as she began to walk down the hall. She scanned her surroundings to look for an exit. The place seemed no different from an ordinary elementary. What was so scary about little kids’ school and what could a place like this have anything to do with her?

“I guess I should just be glad it’s not my real high school,” Eva said. “That place is a nightmare.”

As if in answer, a nearby intercom clicked on. The voice that spoke softly in a deep monotone: “All the ignorant must now be accounted for reality training.”

The intercom fell silent but a new flurry of activity could be heard from behind school doors. What began as unpleasant mumbles and groans quickly grew into a deep growling accented by several angry yells. It unnerved Eva so much that it left her wondering what was really in this school with them.

“Don’t be so quick to make judgments,” Anubis warned as the classroom doors began to open. “In this place, things are often far worse than they appear.”

The Demon’s Day: Destruction Ice Part 2

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you have a cozy, well lit place to hold up against the these growing winter nights. As for me, I’ll enjoy some homemade pumpkin pie.

Apparently, I really suck at this NaNoWriMo thing. It’s almost the end of November and I’ve barely written a thing. I’m really trying to improve, I swear! Hopefully, this installment will make a good peace offering.


“Wuh-we’re trapped!” Eva cried. Distressed, she sped to the jackal’s side, terrified that they could become separated. She felt like such a chicken clinging to him at the first sign of trouble when only moments before she had thought about ditching him.

“Anubis, what’s happening?” she asked.

“There’s no need to panic,” he said with slight annoyance. “It’s just a minor hindrance you’ve built yourself. You just need to solve it.”

“Solve it? I built it?” Eva asked. She studied the walls with a quizzical look. Was it just her, or were the walls closing in again? Perhaps she was claustrophobic after all. “Why would I stop myself when all I want is to get out and go home?”

“I’ve seen this quite often,” Anubis explained with the assurance and ease of an expert. “It’s almost always because a soul is not ready to face their demons. We may be stuck here for awhile until you are.”

Eva spun to face Anubis directly. “Uh, hello! I’m on a deadline – literally!” she said, “I have to be ready now. Just tell me what I have to do!”

“I commend you for your determination,” Anubis said, “but it’s not that easy. Generally speaking, souls don’t like to confront their darker qualities. They either pretend these aspects don’t exist, or try to excuse them somehow.”

Eva could feel her frustrations rising to the surface again. “What’s your point?” she asked impatiently.

“My point is that you’re afraid of confronting something about yourself; something that drew you here to begin with. You must acknowledge that there is something dark in your nature.”

Eva was about to object to his suggestions once more, but stopped as she knew that arguing with him wasn’t going to solve anything. Denial was the problem here; acceptance meant progress. Yes, she was young and committed no major sins, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t made mistakes – even if she couldn’t remember what they were. She started to feel her curiosity winning out in her mind. What offenses, if any, could have brought her here? What could she possibly be afraid to find out?

“I’m not scared Anubis,” she finally said, “Arriving in hell should be like when the police arrest someone: I should know the charges against me.”

Anubis smiled. “Perhaps that will offer some answers” he said, pointing to a spot behind Eva with an outstretched paw.

Eva followed Anubis’ direction to find a dark spot on one of the bricks in a low section of the wall. Crouching, she saw that it was something legible. Two words: ‘Destruction Ice’ written in shaky pencil writing.

“Well, that’s fan-fucking-tastic…” Eva sighed. “Just what the hell is ‘Destruction Ice’ supposed to mean anyway?”

“I assume you will be finding out shortly,” Anubis replied with a casual shrug. “It seems to be your only clue.”

“Whatever,” Eva said as she turned to reexamine the etched brick again. She started running her fingers over the stone, trying to determine what to do next. As the pencil-lead letters smudged under her fingers, Eva thought as hard as she could. Slowly, it started to dawn on her that the phrase was a familiar one.

“Isn’t this supposed to be part of a poem?” Eva thought aloud, “I think it also talked about fire.”

“I believe I know the one you refer to,” Anubis said, “Written by a poet called Frost wasn’t it? It’s a good, well known one; often taught to students.”

“I guess…” Eva lamely replied. She really couldn’t say. English was her worst subject in school. To her it had always been a bunch of fake characters spouting the opinions of dead writers that didn’t matter anymore. The living, breathing people in her class always had more important things to say anyway. Still, recalling those few details had surprised even her. If they were a part of this puzzle they probably meant something important. If only she could remember what it was about!

Anubis spoke as if reading her mind, “I suggest you think about what it means to you.”

Eva almost squeezed her eyes shut trying to draw out the distant memory. “I remember…she said it was supposed to be about emotions…Like being hot-tempered was what we think of as the most hurtful, but to be cold and indifferent to people can be just as-”

Her train of thought could not be finished as the scribbled brick sunk deep into the wall on its own, and the entire brick edifice came crashing down.