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Man After Man: The Coming Horrors

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Though the process of genetic engineering and grafting additional organs, the Vacuumorph is a being that can survive in the airless, zero-gravity environment of space.

Have you ever wondered what humanity’s evolutionary future might look like? In Man After Man, author Dougal Dixion speculates on the possibilities. From what humans might create with genetic engineering, to our kind naturally changing or adapting with technology, to how climate change may shape our descendants.

The results may leave you feeling uncomfortable at the very least. Just about every human-derived creature in this book looks pretty damn freaky. Then there are the ethics of genetic manipulation and our growing dependance on technology that leaves you wondering how far would people really be willing to compromise in order to continue the human race.

So let’s have a brief look, shall we? Here’s the timeline of Dixion’s vision of the future!

200 years: The Earth has been ravaged by overpopulation and pollution. Scientists have genetically altered humans in a variety of ways to live and work in harsh environments. Examples include the Aquamorph and Vacuumorph. Many unaltered homo sapiens are leaving the planet to find a future in space, yet there are still those that are left behind to fight for the meager resources on earth.


A genetically altered human adapted to life in the water. This species was created for building and mining in the ocean.

300 years

The humans that have remained on earth have split into two major factions: those that highly depend on machines to maintain bodily functions and complete tasks, and handlers that work to repair this technology and serve the technology-assisted upper class. These handlers remain unaltered to retain versatility while working with machines. The machine dependent humans grow weaker and weaker over time, and the process of mating has become quite risky. The Aquamorphs have grown more independent, and no longer assist land-dwelling humans.

500 years

1000 years

2000 years

5000 years

10,000 years

50,000 years

500,000 years

1 Million years

2 Million years

3 Million years

5 Million


Unfortunately, the book is out of print right now so finding a copy may be a bit out of one’s price range but well worth the read!

Creepypasta Critique: Invasive Species

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Kudzu is a great example of a real invasive specie, It's a plan that overtakes many areas in the American South.

Kudzu is a great example of a real invasive specie, It’s an Asian plant that overtakes many areas in the American South.

I think I may have created a monster…

A few weeks ago, I introduced my sister to Slimebeast’s short story “Invasive Species,” and she hasn’t stopped bugging me about it since. You may have already noticed that I’ve done a narration of the story as she requested, and now she wants me to give it a more in-depth treatment. I only oblige her because I’ve been struggling to find a good subject for this week, so we’ll all just have to bear with her for now.

It’s understandable why she would be so interested. In college she majored in biology, so the basis for the mutants resonates with her scientific knowledge – especially evolution. As humans with longer lifespans and generations, we don’t get to witness developments in our species in the same way as bacteria or bugs, which breed quickly and have shorter generations. Scientists often observe small bacteria adapt and become antibiotic-resistant or bugs develop immunity to pesticides. In “Invasive Species” the audience gets to see the results of human adaptation at warp speed.

Many people think that evolution is a process that makes organisms more and more advanced. This simply isn’t true, as the vast majority of mutations are harmful to an organism. It’s only tiny percentage of mutations that offer some kind of advantage. Natural selection chooses an organism’s qualities in terms of adaptability, survivability, and the ability to pass on genes to the next generation. This might mean that a species may have to become less complex in order to adapt and survive. One need only look at the dinosaurs; they’re the genetic ancestors of birds. Evolution doesn’t often choose intelligence as an adaptive trait either – it’s just a fluke in human development. In reality evolution is a real bitch.

What really leaves us both wondering about this story is why would scientists develop such a potent serum in the first place. It might be in response to an infertility epidemic but the true reasons are never made clear. I was at a loss in regards to an explanation. With some thought, my sister was able to come up with a theory: an alternative to expensive IVF treatments, as many people in first-world countries suffer from low fertility because of chemicals that can cause such issues.

The real question this tale leaves us with is simple: are humans really an invasive species? Were on every continent, encroach on nearly all environments, there’s over seven billion of us, and we consume more resources than any other kind of animal. Scientifically speaking, all signs point to yes.

Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s narration is a very short story about the end of humanity cause by our own mistakes. This tale is by one of the best creepypasta writers on the internet! Enjoy.

I would also like to note for transparency’s sake that I am not a YouTube partner or anything of the sort, so I don’t make money from my videos. If that should ever change, I will take any and all stories by Slimebeast off my account.

Weird Video of the Week

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Finally, I’m back to making some of my own videos again! This is a narration of a great webcomic from a South Korean artist. I highly recommend checking it out, and be sure to scare your friends with it too! Have a great weekend!

Circumventing the Zombie Genre

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I think we can all agree that horror needs to get away from the zombie genre and start a new fad. It’s not that they’re terrible, I love a good zombie apocalypse story, but it does feel like the whole concept has rather overdone. Seems like each and every one is a tale of disease, massacre, and a group of survivors trying to beat the odds. It just gets tedious after a while.

This is why I really like seeing stories that alter the expected conventions. Not only is it refreshing to see what kind of effect a few changes can have on the plot, it can also highlight different aspects of the human condition in unexpected ways. Some mainstream examples include Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, or NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us, but I’d like to introduce you to some of the lesser-known stuff that I think you’ll enjoy. Below is a short list of creepypastas offer a new twist on the shambling undead, and provide interesting results.

“Invasive Species” by Slimebeast

This flash-fiction tale seems to be one part I Am Legend and one part Oryx and Crake, as it details the downfall of man by the uncontrolled breeding of mutated members of its own race.  The creatures described here are much like zombies because they used to be human, have overwhelming numbers, and a low intelligence level, but describing humanity’s demise though an ecological term shows how a common problem for native plant and animal species could easily happen to us.

“Fresh Faces” by Master Kenobe

In most zombie stories survivors have to worry about building their barriers and aiming for the head. That’s not the case here; the dead avoid going inside at all, but they also don’t go down when you blow their brains out. All the protagonist can do is wait for them to rot away. This heightens the sense of isolation and desperation, and it’s a great change of pace from more action-heavy affairs.

“Self Preservation” by BananaCorn

This is certainly the most gut-wrenching example here. Imagine you caught a strange new disease that caused people to rot away like a cadaver. What if the only way to stem the tide of decay was to eat other living creatures? And if the bugs and small animals weren’t working for you anymore, what then? How far would you be willing to go to survive? The answer my surprise you.

I really love how this story explores if intelligent people were confronted with the same problems zombies have to deal with. You can’t really blame the mindless undead for the damage they do, as they don’t know any better, but in this story the actions of the infected raise some serious moral and ethical questions. Honestly, if this kind of thing really happened, I’d eat a bullet long before eating an actual person.

Do you know of any stories that turns zombie genre conventions on it’s head? I’d love to hear ’em!

The Demon’s Day: Destruction Ice Part 3

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For a few short moments Eva reeled from the shock and pain of being buried under a pile of brick and rubble. She could barely breathe with the weight coming down on her, not to mention all the dust in the air. Fortunately, she could still move her arms enough to start pushing the debris off. Coughing the entire time, she slowly managed to climb out of the pile and get back on her feet.

“Shall we continue, Miss Eva?” asked Anubis as she dusted off her pants.

The jackal sat patiently not more than five feet away from her. He hadn’t even shifted his position, and yet there was not so much as a speck of dust on him. He barely seemed to have batted an eye.

“Give me a minute, a wall just fucking fell on top of me! Oh – and I’m fine by the way,” she coughed bitterly. “Asshole.”

Anubis shrugged and looked off down the revealed path. It was dark and difficult to tell what was over there, and Eva could only make out that it had changed from an alley to a long hallway.

“What the hell just happened?” Eva asked.

“A simple hint into your inner issues,” Anubis explained. “It means we are making progress. If your heart stagnated and refused to change, you wouldn’t be able to leave. As long as we can keep moving we will be fine.”

“Are you serious?” Eva cried, “That nearly killed both of us!”

Anubis chuckled. “You nor I can die here, remember?”

“Right…” she said, remembering her arrival to this world. She sighed. “Let’s just get going.”

Eva made her way through the darkened hallway with Anubis just behind her. She had to move slowly for fear of the hazards that may lie ahead. For all she knew, there could be a bottomless pit just inches away from her.

“Any chance you know of a way to brighten this place up, Anubis?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not,” he replied. “You needn’t worry; this place will reveal itself to us shortly.”

“Of course,” Eva said, looking for any trace of light. There was nothing but pitch-black darkness as far as she could tell. There was not even any light emanating from the way they had come. She wondered if the path behind them had closed somehow.

Thinking it was useless to wander around in the dark and worried they could be trapped again, Eva was about to turn around when with a subtle hum, lights flickered on above their heads. The fluorescent bulbs began to let off a steady glow, and Eva immediately recognized the type of building that she and her companion had wandered into.

The long, wide hallway had many doors on either side. Art and posters that adorned the walls were of cartoonish characters encouraging their viewers to read and study. Little coats and backpacks were lined up along the walls on hooks. There were even some display cases that held simple projects, pictures, awards that very clearly belonged to children,

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Eva cried. “We’re in a school? Seriously? I thought Hell was supposed to be creative.”

“Whatever do you mean?” Anubis asked.

Eva let out a frustrated groan. “It’s too damn obvious! Anyone who has known me for half a second knows that I fucking hate them! Stick me in a school for all eternity, it’s guaranteed to make me miserable.”

“That certainly does not surprise me.” Anubis said with a sly grin. “Such a dim individual could never find a place like this enlightening.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” Eva said, staring daggers at her companion as she began to walk down the hall. She scanned her surroundings to look for an exit. The place seemed no different from an ordinary elementary. What was so scary about little kids’ school and what could a place like this have anything to do with her?

“I guess I should just be glad it’s not my real high school,” Eva said. “That place is a nightmare.”

As if in answer, a nearby intercom clicked on. The voice that spoke softly in a deep monotone: “All the ignorant must now be accounted for reality training.”

The intercom fell silent but a new flurry of activity could be heard from behind school doors. What began as unpleasant mumbles and groans quickly grew into a deep growling accented by several angry yells. It unnerved Eva so much that it left her wondering what was really in this school with them.

“Don’t be so quick to make judgments,” Anubis warned as the classroom doors began to open. “In this place, things are often far worse than they appear.”

Weird Video of the Week

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Another Friday to share something new. Get ready to smile for Smile Dog! And be sure to spread the word!