Weird Video of the Week

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Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been busy reading a book I plan on sharing with you all, and it’s taking a little longer than expected. Thankfully I’m almost done and we can get back to the regular posting.

This week’s video tells the tale of a teacher’s downfall. Not only is it a great animation, the entire thing is told in rhyme, and a hell of a good one at that. I guarantee you’ll love it. Enjoy!

Weird Video of the Week

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Who’s up for some more from the lovely land of Chernobyl?

This video focuses on the basics of the nuclear accident and how it has affected wildlife. Many irradiated animals have migrated out of the exclusion zone and created problems – especially for hunters. What hunter so many miles away from Chernobyl would expect the boar or deer they caught to have come from such a long way?

I have to say that the folks filming this seem pretty immature for the most part, but they don’t ruin the experience. In any case, enjoy!

Why Creepypasta Sucks

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There are a lot of people out there that think damn near all creepypasta sucks. Even though I’m a fan, it can get frustrating trying to defend a passion of mine when even I find it difficult to discover a tale that actually can send chills up my spine.

So what is the deal anyway? Have you ever wondered why it can take hours to sift through terrible pastas just to find a single gem? Let me break it down for you! Here are three main reasons why there’s a lot of bad creepypasta:

Many are amateur writers

Pretty simple, right? A creepypasta writer can be anyone with a word processor and an internet connection. So it’s likely that they come from all walks of life, especially young people with a lot of time on their hands but no experience to back it up. You also have to realize that Pasta writers don’t get paid for their work, people that actually write for a living won’t be found writing their own creepypasta. They’re working on projects that will earn them income. You’re not going to see a lot of professional writers contributing unless they’re looking for some publicity. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being inexperienced, but it is a contributing factor to consider.

Then there are the writers that can’t even spell or use grammar correctly, much less proper characterization, tone, or themes. I’ll never understand why one would embarrass themselves by revealing their lack of education or waste their time making such poor contributions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great websites that offer support for writers that want to take the time to improve themselves. The Creepypasta Wiki has a great page to help people get started, and the Creepypasta Network has a nice community if you’re looking for feedback on your work.

Some are just attention seekers

Ever notice how people write sequels or offshoots of popular creepypastas? Or maybe beat well-known subgenres like haunted videogames and lost TV episodes of beloved cartoons into the ground? These writers are only following popular trends to get more readers. Often authors of such works are just seeking praise or to have their story read by a well known narrator. They could also be a troll making ridiculous pastas just to get a reaction from their audience. Whatever the case may be, these guys get old pretty quickly.

The great thing about attention seekers is they are seldom successful. At least in the case of writing – just ask any aspiring novelist or poet. A writer has to love the craft in order to find any kind of success, not to mention possess the patience of a saint. Attention seekers that don’t find what they’re looking for will quickly move on to something else.

Attention seekers should also realize their hope to write creepypasta and get attention is about as original as their story ideas. The Creepypasta Wiki doesn’t even accept character spinoffs/sequels, or lost TV/videogames anymore.  Not sure what the Creepypasta Network’s policy may be, but I imagine the community there isn’t very open to more of the same.

Here’s some advice to anyone out there who actually wants to try following these trends: go big or go home. Yes, it can be hard to add a new twist to a character or genre, but do you really want to be the author of ‘Generic Videogame Creepypasta #1389?’ I doubt it. Nobody is going to respect you or your work if you don’t bring something new or interesting to the table.

They don’t know how to scare readers

This may go hand-in- hand with the poor writing skills, but what’s a creepypasta that isn’t actually creepy or scary in any way? Lame and pointless, of course! Any creepypasta writer worth their words knows that scaring readers is harder than it looks.

Some people shoot themselves in the foot before they even sit down to write. A person may think a simple hack and slash serial killer or describing every gory detail as ‘hyper-realistic’ is enough to scare people. I’ve got some groundbreaking news here: this stuff isn’t scary!

Violence, gore, and death can all be gross and upsetting subjects, but many people fail to realize that they’re seldom scary on their own. There are deeper reasons why monsters, people, places, and all manner of things can invoke fear.

Take for example ambiguity. Ambiguity can be scary because it catches us off guard and we have no way to properly respond. Is that guy really following me or is he just minding his own business? Is that clown just trying to entertain or does he have more sinister intentions? The unknown is a scary thing for us to consider because we never know if we’re being paranoid or in real danger.

My advice? Ask yourself this question: what do you find scary and why? You can start simple with animals or people- think spiders or that weird old lady down the street. What is it about them that scares you? My sister has a mild case of arachnophobia, not because spiders can be dangerous, but because of their soulless, dead eyes and instincts.

Then you can delve into more complex ideas and scenarios that terrify you the most. For example I really hate the idea of being watched. When I was first acquainted with Slenderman, I had a really hard time looking out of windows at night because I was afraid I would find him standing outside watching me.

So what do you think? Are there any annoying trends in creepypasta you want to discuss or try to improve? I’d love to hear some thoughts.



Weird Video of the Week

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I’ve got a very special WVotW for you all! A YouTuber by the name of Rob Dyke started a contest for people with more modest channels. The winner will receive new equipment to help make their channel better.

For my entry, I not only talked about how I would use the prize, but I also give a small tour of Lakewood’s Fort Stilecoom Park – once a part of Washington’s Western State Hospital, an insane asylum that still exists nearby. I hope you all enjoy and with luck, you’ll be seeing more videos like this!

Jeff the Killer Reboot Part 1

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Okay, so at the request of my sister and some other internet-dwellers I’d thought I’d try and write another version of Jeff the Killer’s tale. This is not to steal the thunder from the original writer or story; they made the original concept and should be given kudos in the regard. Mostly it was an interesting exercise for me and I really wanted to explore more of Jeff’s character and his relationship with his brother. I find family to be a major theme in my writing, so it was just a natural fit.

I’d would also like to hear everyone’s opinion on this one. How does it compare to the original? Do you think it’s too different or doesn’t capture the right kind of message?  Never forget – I love to hear comments and critiques of my work so I can improve! In any case, enjoy and remember to stick around for part two.


Excerpt from the Alpine Valley Post


Despite law enforcement’s continued efforts to solve the unexplained murders terrorizing Northern California, the perpetrator’s identity still remains a mystery. Various reports of the killer and his rumored abilities have police unable to determine his next move.

Last Thursday’s incident, the latest murder attempt, has left one young boy very lucky to be alive. Although his family asks not to reveal his name, he has bravely chosen to tell his harrowing story with us in an exclusive interview.

According to the young survivor, the killer broke into his room through an unlocked window as he slept. The boy awoke to close it, with the killer revealing himself only when the boy was drifting back to sleep.

“His face was all wrong,” said the boy. “It was awful and ugly. His skin was white and looked kinda rubbery or something, and his eyes were sunken in and colorless. The worst was his mouth; it was in this huge smile that stretched from ear to ear; much wider than any normal person could. It was like a monster out of a nightmare.”

The survivor also describes the killer as tall – approximately six feet with a slim build. At the time of the attack, he was armed with a knife and dressed in an old white hoodie and dark pants. This is consistent with the wounds of previous victims, but the survivor has more to add about the killer’s modus operandi.

“He said ‘go to sleep’,” the survivor said, “That’s when I screamed and he tried to attack me.”

The young man fought and managed to keep his attacker at bay until his father rushed in to help. Neighbors overheard the struggle and called police. It is believed that the sound of oncoming sirens scared the killer off and saved the two.

Both the boy and the father received significant knife wounds that needed medical attention. The father has already been released from the hospital, but the young boy appears to have deeper psychological issues that keep him in North Harrison Hospital.

“I’ll never forget it,” he said. “That terrible face coming out of the darkness and talking to me – that picture never leaves my head. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again.”

Police continue their investigation of this serial killer. They ask anyone who may know of this person or his whereabouts to contact their local authorities. They also advise citizens that this killer is armed and dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances.



With his father’s latest promotion, Jeff found his life changing dramatically. His mother had insisted on moving them all to one of those ritzy communities where house were barely distinguishable from each other and the homeowner’s association dictated how high the grass could be. Not exactly his first choice of residence, but both Jeff and his older brother Liu couldn’t complain too much. Their new home was bigger, nicer, and even had a small pool in the back. How could they ask for more?

The act of moving was a different story. Their parents orchestrated everyone’s movements, leaving Jeff and Liu to lug their things into the house as the hired movers took care of the larger furniture. The warm September day had many other people outside, and it wasn’t long before their activity drew the locals. As the movers left and Jeff’s family began bringing in the last of their belongings, a woman from across the street approached his mother, a little boy no older than seven towed behind her.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Don't take your kids here.

Don’t take your kids here.

So it seems that another indie game on Steam is going viral, and deservedly so! It takes our fears of creepy dolls and robots takes it to a new level. Made by Scott Games, this title feels like Slender: The Eight Pages on serious steroids.

Unfortunately I haven’t played this title yet, but I plan to do so soon! I’ve only seen gameplay through YouTube. Right now I’m recovering from surgery and I don’t want to put myself under any more stress than necessary. Scaring myself while on heavy painkillers probably isn’t a great idea. Perhaps I’ll write about my experiences with the game in the near future.

So here’s the gist: You are Mike Schmidt, the new night watchman at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: a Chuck-e-Cheese style restaurant with cutesy animatronic entertainers – Freddy and his friends. You’re supposed to just sit in your office and keep an eye on the security cameras. The previous watchman leaves advice on how to get through the night and assures you everything will be alright. If only it was.

Something is terribly wrong with Freddy and the other robots. They wander the halls all night; always moving when you’re focused on another camera. Slowly making their way towards your little office. The Phone Guy explains if they find you, they’ll mistake you for a robotic exoskeleton, and stuff you into a spare bear suit full of animatronic gear, which would crush you to death.

In order to survive the night you must remain watchful of these robots, shutting the doors to the office when they get too close. Why not just shut the doors indefinitely, you ask? Well, the office doors, cameras, and lights all run on a limited amount of power. Apparently management is incredibly cheap these days, so if you use up the allotted amount everything shuts down and you’re left a sitting duck.

But there’s more to this story than a bunch of confused, murderous robots. The restaurant has a terrible past as well. Keen and persistent players will find old news clippings about a series of murdered children whose bodies were never found, reprimands for the ‘unsanitary’ conditions of the robotic characters, and the restaurant’s reputation fatally wounded. There’s really more of a supernatural issue here than one may realize.

While the established lore is a great story by itself, I’m still left wondering about Schmidt’s character. What kind of person would spend -not one, not two- but five nights risking their life, under threat of a horrible death by robotic children’s characters, all for $120? Is he that desperate for cash? Is he completely insane? Or perhaps there’s some other kind of explanation? If there’s going to be a sequel, I hope they expand on the protagonist’s motives.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is available on Steam for a reasonable price. I know I’ll be checking it out soon! How about you?

G Major Makes Everything Scary

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Apparently putting any song in G major will make it sound like it belongs on a horror movie soundtrack. Here are just a few examples.


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