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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been going through some minor health problems lately, and unfortunately I’ll be going through surgery in the near future. Don’t worry though! I’ll still be here to bring you the creepy content you deserve.

If things go according to plan, I’ll be sharing with you all a video entry for a contest on Youtube! It’s going to be very special, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime let me share with you another video from my collection. Have a wonderful weekend.

Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s video shows how the mind can play some dirty tricks on us. Have a great weekend!

Creepypasta Critique: Candle Cove

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Who doesn’t love this classic creepypasta? It was one of the first tales I found scattered across the internet, thanks to a YouTube channel called theLittleFears which I recommend checking out. Childhood nostalgia, internet lore, and a little twist at the end are just some of the things which make this tale so unnerving for readers, and we’re going to take a close look at it today. You can read a version of the story here. It’s not a very long read.

The basic gist is that forum members are discussing Candle Cove, an obscure kid’s puppet show about pirates from the 1970s. As more and more details come to light, it becomes quite clear that the show had a strange and eerie nature that wasn’t appropriate for children. There was even an episode where the characters did nothing but scream the entire time. Eventually one of the posters discovers that their mother never perceived this show herself, instead observing that they would switch to static and watch it for thirty minutes, implying that the show never really existed or was impossible for an adult to view.

So many things about Candle Cove are so creepy because it is ambiguous in almost every way. Not only is it very obscure, it’s hidden behind time, memory, and the lack of recollection of those who were adults at the time of it’s airing. It takes time for forum members to piece together their memories of the show, and it creates a nice buildup to the climax of the screaming episode and final twist. The fact that puppets are part of is is just icing on the cake.

The screaming episode is an important aspect that makes this strange television show even more mysterious and unnerving. Scary things often make little sense. If fact when events do make sense, or can be explained away, the less terrifying they become. Once we understand whatever was scaring us, it’s no longer ambiguous; we know with certainty if it’s a threat and how to deal with it accordingly. An episode with no plot and the characters in a constant state of terror is more than enough to unsettle any viewer.

The format here is effective as well. The different usernames, writing styles, topic description, and block paragraph format are ubiquitous to an average internet forum. It easily gives the reader a similar feeling to lurking around a real forum page, heightening the experience.

In all seriousness, there’s no real criticism¬† I can offer at this point. Candle Cove is a short, sweet creepypasta that leaves quite an impact. It’s damn near perfect.

Weird Video of the Week

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Happy 4th of July everybody!

Happy 4th of July everybody!

This week’s video shows how humans die of rabies. Interesting to see, but please be advised if you’re easily disturbed; this is a real person dying. Enjoy the holiday, have a great weekend, and for the love of all that is holy please go see a doctor if you’re bitten by a wild animal!

Disturbing Sea Creatures

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Ever since I started learning how to swim, I’ve been on a bit of a water kick. In this short time I’ve visited a couple of aquariums, gone beach combing more often, and started watching ocean creature documentaries on the Discovery Channel when I get the chance. Granted, the goal of this blog isn’t to showcase to beauty of the ocean, so the only solution is to reveal that it can be a very scary place. Just as H.P. Lovecraft so clearly understood!

Below is a list of creatures that will make you stick to the shore this summer!

pelican-eelThe Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel, or Pelican Eel – This disturbing looking creature is actually a deep-dwelling fish that fishermen occasionally drag up in their nets. It’s large mouth suggests that it’s able to swallow meals much bigger than itself, but inspected stomachs generally contain small crustaceans. It even has an organ on the end of it’s tail that can glow pink or red to lure prey. It lives in the temperate and tropical waters of all oceans at a depth of about 1,600 to 9,800 feet.

Anglerfish Anglerfish – It’s not enough that these little monstrosities live in the deep, deep sea luring smaller fish to their death, oh no! What’s really creepy is some anglerfish species practice a chilling form of parasitic reproduction. Males are born much smaller and underdeveloped than their female counterparts and cannot live for long on their own, so once they do find a female they bite down on her skin, releasing an enzyme that breaks tissues down and fuses them together at the blood vessel level. This is all to ensure that the female has an available mate when she is ready to spawn. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

MolamolaMola Mola or Ocean Sunfish – This intimidating species is the heaviest boney fish known to man. It’s diet mostly consists of jellyfish, and lives in temperate to tropical ocean waters throughout the world. While not the scariest creature on the list, it’s odd shape and large size convinced me to include it.


Light-Fantastic-viperfish-7Viperfish – This genus of fish are well known for the needle-like teeth on their lower jaw, which gives them their ghastly appearance and makes them one of the fiercest predators in the ocean. These guys are thought to be able to live 30 to 40 years in deep temperate or tropical waters. Like the angler fish and the pelican eel, this fish has a light producing organ with which to lure prey.


ProboscusWormProboscis Worm or Nemertea – No, nobody spilled their intestines on the ocean floor, it’s just a phylum of invertebrates that happens to be named after a sea nymph from legend. Like many types of invertebrates, when this worm is cut or broken up the pieces will eventually grow into separate animals.



Vampire Squid – The scientific name for this deep-sea creature literally means ‘vampire squid from Hell.’ Fortunately, it’s not literally a vampire; it was given that name due to the webbing between its tentacles which looks like a cloak, as well as its red or black coloring. This squid is able to live in waters with as little as 3% oxygen, a feat that few animals are able to do.


Basking Shark – Only second to the whale shark in terms of size, the basking shark has often been mistaken for the great white shark. Ovbiously from the picture, the basking shark has a distinct difference from it other shark kin. Even though that gaping maw is a jaw dropper, (sorry for the pun!) these guys are harmless to humans.


640px-Hapalochlaena_lunulata2Blue Ringed Octopus – As cute as this little guys are, they’re also one of the most venomous creatures in the sea. They’re mostly located in coral reefs of the Pacific and Indian oceans, and are fairly docile until provoked. The octopus’s venom consists primarily of a neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin, which can cause major paralysis and respiratory failure. A human can die within minutes if not given immediate attention and there is no anitvenom; patients just have to be put on a ventilator and wait for the venom to leave their body.


blobfish1Blobfish – These fish may look pretty normal at a depth of 2000 to 3,900 feet, but bring one up to the surface and this is what you get. It’s often accidentally caught by bottom trawling nets, and there’s a concern that this fish may become an endangered species. This thing is so darn ugly it’s the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a group dedicated to saving all the ugly animals that we humans tend to ignore.

Weird Video of the Week

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Sorry for the lack of substantial posts this week. I’m trying to schedule things better, but I admit I’ve been a lazy dimwit these past few weeks. In any case, here’s another video from my collection! Have a great weekend!

Weird Video of the Week

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It’s been awhile since I made a video! It’s not so creepy as it is profound, but I hope you all still enjoy it.

If you’d like me to read a particular story, I do take requests. Just send me the link and I’ll see what I can do.


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